Move frames on a layer forwards/backwards

Not a crucial feature, but would save SO much time animating is the ability to space out frames by clicking a button. Currently if I find the timing is wrong in my animation, I have to click a frame, go the last frame in the animation and shift click and then move the frames along the timeline. With a big animation it also takes some time trying to find the end of the animation, not to mention it’ll sometimes de-select stuff if you click wrong. It’s very much a hassle…

I’m aware of the “move frame forward/backward” mechanic, but I feel like it could be improved a lot by having it so when selecting a space in between two frames in the timeline and clicking “move frame forward/backward”, ALL the frames on that layer after/before that space is moved forward/back rather than just the single frame you select as is with the current mechanic (I think. Unless I’m using it wrong.)

Hope that makes sense, I’ll gladly try to clarify if it doesn’t.

I really appreciate the work done on Pencil2D, it’s great so far :slight_smile:

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