Little Rosie and Tall Misery

An animated video of a Swedish folk tale “Lilla Rosa och långa Leda” (Little Rosie and Tall Misery) I’ve made using a number of different soft-wares including Pencil 2D.

Narration in Swedish but English subtexts are possible (and through automatic translation a number of other languages as well)

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I feel like Tall Misery got a pretty raw deal here. I mean she is raised by her terrible mother, then when she (not surprisingly) ends up being terrible she gets cursed three times over?

Questionable folk tale logic aside, I appreciate you adapting all these local folk tales and adding English captions. They’re very nice. Keep them coming! :slightly_smiling_face:

P.S. Just read the Wikipedia summary for this story. I have a feeling I’m going to like the last part even less :frowning_face:

Thank you for the comment.

The morality in the old tales often is quite questionable. But then again, so many people today are prepared to consider other people as being of a bad nature and thinking that more sever punishments is the way to go. We have not come as far from what we used to be as we might want to think.

I did take a look at the Swedish wikipedia page. In the second to last sentence there is a part missing in the middle. The first part of sentence does cover the original judgment by the King, Rosie’s father, which was a death penalty for the Queen. The missing part is Rosie pleading for the Queen’s , stepmother’s, life. The last part is then the judgment being changed to imprisonment in the jail tower, where the Queen is accompanied by Tall Misery, “since she (Misery) had been a part of the whole affair”. So not quite as bad as it looks in the summery text, at least on the Swedish page. Still, there is not really confirmed that Misery had been part of the plot against Rosie, so still a bit of miscarriage of justice.