Lazy Brush

EDIT : Splitted from Mischief Software topic.

Their technology is quite amazing. I was impressed by the performance of the infinite canvas.

One software that really impressed me lately (for animation) is a specialized bucket tool pretty much. It’s called lazy brush
Whats great about it is that it is using a new type of algorithm to figure out how to fill lineart. Their approach takes care of all the laborious tasks when dealing with a standard bucket tool.
The author posted the paper with the algorithm publicly

Some gmic developers saw it and made an implementation called comics colorize

then Krita devs also noticed that and decided to implement support for gmic

The gmic script is nice to have, but it’s still behind the original implementation, missing the ability to do “erase/corrective patches”

Also the original has some nice features specifically designed for dealing with colouring a sequence of images

Seems quite nice !

it fits pretty nicely with pencil’s original design document - the contour fill tool (in bitmap mode)

The algorithm is out there, it has been implemented once by the original author, once as an open source gmic filther by a gmic dev. :slight_smile:

There was some interest in getting it in mypaint, but the active developers don’t have the time.
This is not to say that I think such a tool is a priority to have in pencil. It would certainly give pencil an edge for colouring image sequences.

The research paper is quite interesting