Layer transparency

Hi guys and girls!
I have a trouble with inactive layer transparency. It must to be greyed out when layer lost it’s focus. But it is not! Colors on active and inactive layers are the same. Anybody have such trouble?
By the way, i downloaded an old v. 0.5.4. That’s ok. Layers become pale when lost focus. What is wrong with new versions?

@pierrot Hi, certainly, what you indicate present in 0.5.4 was the “Light Box” / Light Table" feature which allowed unselected layers to be dimmed according to their position in the layer stack relative to the selected layer (farther = transparent, closer = opaque. This was basically mimicking how a light box works.

That feature was disabled due to a mistake as some users complained about this feature and the developers at the time labeled it as a bug. However the upcoming version will bring this feature re-enabled with several enhancements.

You can read the notes on the developer discussion site as to how this will work.

In the future we also intend to have layer individual opacity but this depends on a re-write of the timeline system which requires more planning and time.

Thank you Jose! I hope soon this feature will come back. But now as a temporaly decision we can use light grey color for sketching.

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