layer order, non-wacom tablet pressure

title says it in a nutshell. I can’t possibly be the only one who finds it bizarre that the layer order on the timeline is the opposite of the layer order on the stage/canvas. It almost seems like a bug to me, considering that in the entire history of everything, every other application that uses layers displays the top layer in front of all the other layers. In Pencil, the top layer is behind. It hurts my brain.

Also would be really sweet to eventually get pressure support for other tablets besides Wacom. I have an old Wacom graphire that i use for Pencil and also for online tools, since it works better with both, but ultimately i would like to be able to ditch it in favor of my larger, less expensive and higher-sensitivity non-Wacom tablet.

I have already a tiny test animation with pencil and at first I thought that the top layers belonged to the front drawings, but it took me a lot of time to understand that the top layers are actually the background layers…

About pressure sensitive for tables, I have a TRUST and Pencil works fine with it.

Nice to know it’s not just Wacom. My new(er) tablet is a Monoprice, listed in the operating system as UC-Logic. I’ve been playing with Dopey lately, too (a recent fork of xsheet-mypaint), and was disappointed that the paint engine seemed to be broken…then just discovered it works fine if i’m using the Wacom. So i dunno if maybe i should add an entry to xorg.conf and see if that will help. I haven’t had a need to do that in quite a while.

In any case, things often seem to take longer to work as expected in Linux, particularly when it comes to hardware. Both projects are new, and I trust things will be smoothed out before long.

Thanks for the input =o)