[Layer Help] Moving a Layer to Back?

I don’t really know how to explain the problem I am having very well, so I’ll be adding pictures, but basically my problem is that a background image I imported is going in front of the animated frames when Exported / when on the Camera Layer.

So, instead of getting this (what I would like);

I get this;

Animated Skeletons hidden before Couch img.

What abouts should I be doing to fix this?

Figured it out!

I fiddled around with the Layer Order, and found out that it worked differently than I thought it did! I thought that the layer order worked with the top-most layer being the first one on the list (like in Paint Tool SAI), but instead it’s the opposite with the Top-Most layer being the last one on the list.

Basically, I had this;

Instead of this;

@vsmolgay Hi! Indeed Pencil2D has a different order as most programs. However in a newer version (to be released) and in the Nightly Builds this was changed back to better reflect what every one of us is accustomed to (i.e layers working form top to bottom) Also there’s a small gotcha with layers. For example when you press the “black dots” next to each layer you can change their “opaqueness” relative to other layers and the canvas. Notice I don’t say “transparency” because you can’t currently change the amount of layer transparency, however you can change the amount of fading your onion skin has, but that works on all the document, and this little switches factor into that as well.

For more info I did sort of a similar explanation way back and I put it into the tutorials section (NOTE: if you’re using headphones turn down the volume, it’s a bit LOUD!):

Hope this helps and I’m glad to see new people working with Pencil2D! Also If you want please post your work over tumblr with the #pencil2D tag and we’ll be glad to reblog it over there, take care! :slight_smile:

@vsmolgay OH and please, please, please read this guide I wrote on how to prevent your Pencil2D from wiping your files!

I see you have a keyframe (120) and if you have over 100 frames, Pencil2D becomes unstable and tends to wipe clean your files due to a memory management issue, so please backup your files NOW and work in cuts to avoid this issue for now, more info here:


To better understand pencil files read this short overview on the file types as well: