Keyboard shortcuts problems in 0.5.3

First one isn’t a bug, just something related: I’m not sure about the connection of Q to move…seems like M would be a more logical default.

Ctrl+R is currently (0.5.3) associated with two actions, so it doesn’t work by default.

Ctrl+Q is listed in the shortcuts, but not in the menu, and it doesn’t exit the program.

Shortcuts control panel crashes Pencil consistently when I try to backspace to clear a key binding: segfault at 7fd34469e718 ip 00007fd34469e718 sp 00007fffde060308 error 15 in[7fd34469e000+2000]…segfault at 11e7fa0 ip 00000000011e7fa0 sp 00007fff61c02da8 error 15…and similar

Debian Linux Sid x86_64, yesterday’s git source

Issued, thanks for reporting problems.

The Ctrl+Z shortcut close aplication and on terminal show Segmentation fault

How to Fix

sudo apt-get install libming1

It works for me.

Sorry for bad english :frowning:

On Linux Mint 15 Olivia x86-64