Keep losing drawings when saving

Hello @ben. I’ve tested the latest nightly build on a similar machine to yours and movie exporting is working fine for me so I’m going to need some more details from you to figure out this issue:

  1. If you start a new project, draw something on a few frames, and then try and export, does that work?
  2. What movie format are you exporting to? Do any of the export formats from the export dialog work (mp4, avi, webm)?
  3. Does image sequence exporting work?
  4. When you try to export, when does it fail? Right away, does the progress bar go to a specific point? Does it finish completely?
  5. What happens after the export fails. Is there any error message, does it say your export is done, does it say nothing? Is there any file in the place you tried to export to, and if so, what is it’s file size?
  6. Do you have an antivirus program or any other program you’ve installed that might interfere with Pencil2D’s operation?

Hi! Thanks for the message!

  1. No, doesn’t work.
  2. Tried all of them but nothing works.
  3. Yes, this works.
  4. The progress bar flashes on for a millisecond and then it’s gone.
  5. There is no message of any kind afterwards.
  6. I am not aware of any antivirus program.

I can export with the stable version.
The nightly build seems to have solved the problem of losing frames! I only had a problem the first time i used it (when i also had the stable version on my computer.) After removing the stable version and only having the nightly build i had no further problems of this kind…

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