Kaiko's Challenge – My 15

I’m already behind, but there’s some spare time coming up very soon so I can catch up. Thanks to all the people working on Pencil2D. I liked the old pencil but it was nigh unusable in many ways, so i’m glad someone’s bringing it back. I drew this on 5.1b for stability’s sake, exported to image sequence and compiled on AVIdemux.

Happy animating.

Hi @Magic,

I like the way you draw your animation… It is like an animation by itself inside the main animation :slight_smile: Nice

Thank you for showing it to us.
(animating, animating)

Ha-ha, I like this. Big Kaiju!

Cool beans. Yeah I like the way you did that drawing effect, it’s nice.

Here are a few more, I have several waiting to be uploaded and a few more on the last stages of finishing.

Should have updated as i went but they’re here now


Some more. I am unlikely to make the 15 mark though