Jalousie commercial

Hello guys!
Recently i have started to work on new project. It is a commercial about jalousie.
This is a plan that i have done in Pencil2d .

@sfepa HAHAHAHA even as an animatic / motion-layout I got the idea at the end and I laughed. Great work man!

Really enjoyed! I wish to do something like this.

Wow… haha, nice work. Hope to see the complete version of it.

Thank you my friends!
But after this animatic i faced a problem: it was done in HD as we initially agreed , but now customer wants it in fullHD. I decided to continue this project in Krita. It is risky because it is still alpha, but i can scale entire project there, and since i have small number of frames yet i’ll try to draw in short separate scenes.
I’ll keep you in touch if it will be interesting (hope so) :slight_smile:

Well, i think everything will be ok :slight_smile:

@sfepa Looking good! Can’t wait to see it finished! haha. By the way I managed to ask Todor to add me as a Pencil2D facebook page editor and I shared your grad project over there, I hope you don’t mind, some people loved it as well as ourselves! :slight_smile:

Amazing @sfepa! You are very talented! I love your work!

@morr glad to hear that. I think this video belongs to the community, and if it will help attract attention to Pencil2d , it’ll be excellent! As i mentioned somewhere, it can be freely used to promote Pencil anywhere. :slight_smile:
Thank you @feeef :slight_smile: i’ll try to not disappoint you )

@sfepa Very nice work. Just curious (other than sound) which bug in pencil2d is currently causing you the most pain? Are you running the latest build or an earlier version? My daughter would like to learn to animate, but is getting frustrated with the current bugs in pencil2d… Seems like you’re doing ok.

@sfepa, I am also curious about your opinion about using Pencil2D. Which version are you using?


I am using v.0.5.4 Nightly build Dec 9 2013 , it is the most stabil version that i tried. In latest builds there are cool features but i’m not sure making just one type of dynamic for each drawing tool is the best decision (just imho). I am trying all new nightly builds, but i am afraid to start “big” projects in them yet.

well. My part is finished. As i said it was made in Krita every scene apart, exactly haw i was making my Graduation work in Pencil.
Editing was made in AfterEffects, not by me and to be honest i couldn’t do this in Blender, so i’ll think about it. Waiting for sound and then i’ll show the final version.

Super nice ! So beautifully done. You’re a huge source of inspiration to us here on www.pencil2d.org. Thanks for sharing!

@sfepa Manu said it! This is great work :slight_smile: I kind of feel a bit envious because I mostly animate with cut-outs in after effects or basic 3D for my freelance jobs. I honestly would love to animate with drawings <properly>, but It’s been very difficult for me to find the time to do experiment on my own. Keep up the nice work and thank you for sharing!

Amazing work. Liked the animation and the smoothness of the lines. Patiently awaiting for the final version o_o

It is beautiful! Well done!

It is a shame you didn’t do it with Pencil but it means that we still have to work hard to get you a stable version for your professional work! :slight_smile: We are slowly getting there!

Thanks anyway @sfepa! You are a true talent!

Finally the project is finished. With voiceover but it became shorter, you can compare with my version. Anyway this was a good experience.

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@sfepa The power of animation, now I want to purchase their curtains! Great work!

Thanks @morr , i want it too, but i’m still waiting to be payd for it. In my country it is usual thing :slight_smile: