(Installing) "Windows Has Protected Your PC"

Hi! So, I’m quite new to the forums and to the website itself so forgive me if this isn’t in the right area to ask such a question.
I’ve seen video after video on pencil2d and decided to download it. After extracting like it said to, I got the popup “Windows Protected Your PC” And won’t let me run the application.
Does windows just automatically do this? I haven’t seen any other forums or questions revolving this and I just want to confirm if this is normal. (?)

@royale Hey and welcome to the Pencil2D forums. For a concise answer, Yes, windows does this.

I have a video tutorial to download and install the latest Pencil2D version and bypass this issue on Windows you can see it here:


It’s important to note that Windows does this to every kind of file that comes from an external computer. It’s Windows way of “protecting” you, by being extremely paranoid lol.

Let me know how it goes.

Looks like Im about 2 years late to this party.
I tried looking everywhere else for an answer to this and found nothing. I tried opening your Youtube link but it took me to a page that says “Oops, Something Went Wrong”. So, theres that. haha
But Im having the same issue and dont know how to safely get around it. Any help’s appreciated. Thank you.

@AttackOnKronos It’s basically this, follow these guides to

Unblock zip files on windows

Unzip files using windows file explorer

Here’s an alternative guide as well on the unzip procedure:

If you get stuck you can also watch the following video for the same procedure on Windows 7 but the only difference is that you it is done using “nightly builds” (which are development versions of Pencil2D) which of course you don’t have to download if you don’t want to.

And sorry about the link before I made a mistake and didn’t realize it until now since there was never a reply :sweat_smile:

Man thank you so much for your help. That worked! Much appreciated.

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