Importing ImG Sequence

Hello, first of all thank you for making this software easy to use and available. My question: When ever I import an image sequence it seems that there is an offset of one frame for instance my image sequence has 75 images, but when I import it the timeline doubles to 150 with empty frames in between. Do you know why this is happening? I would post a screenshot but I do not see an upload option. Thanks for your time.

@oiver55 Hey Oliver, you can upload a screenshot into without an account, please post the link here so we can see. Meanwhile that is indeed an strange behaviour, usually if you have X amount images, you should get the same X amount of frames imported.

I’m not aware of any “new” function that allows you to set up the exposure (which we have thought to do, but it will take a while without devs) so please let us known which version of the program you are using as well as your operative system. e.g Version 0.5.4b and Windows 7

To know which version you’re using go to the menu Help > About option.

Please double check that your image sequence does not have doubled images, and see if you’re using 12 fps or anything different. I’ll keep pending on your screenshots.

Here is a screen recording of the problem I’m having. As you can see when I import the sequence there is a 1 frame offset. Is there something that I am doing wrong?