Imported images keep changing location on screen

I think this counts as a bug report? Or maybe I’m not understanding the mechanics properly.

My issue is that when importing images in to an animation, the location in which they appear on the canvas keeps changing. I tend to do backgrounds and some assets on a different application and then importing them as images in to Pencil2D, and whereever the first background appears on the canvas I set the camera layer to border the outlines of the image. However, for some reason while I’m working on the animation and import a new background, it appears off frame and not at all where the first image appeared. This isn’t a huge issue, but it is really annoying having to carefully place it pixel perfect back in to frame and I can’t understand why it keeps changing where they appear on screen.

Is there a way for me to sort this or does this count as a bug?

I hope I explained this alright.


Hi @Prismaticette.

When you import images Pencil2D places the images in the center of the current view. If you want to import on the same place every time, you must reset your window position with Ctrl+H before import. (That is, if you haven’t altered the shortcut)

In our next update of Pencil2D, and in our newest nightly builds, you can decide import position yourself.


That sorts it, cheers!

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