Images off the canvas while importing

Hey, I’m kind of new to this program and everytime I try to import images or a sequence, they get off the canvas, like, they are in 1920x1080 as the canvas but they keep getting not in position, the problem is that I need to move every frame to the left with Ctrl + A and you have to measure its not off the previous frames, tbh it’s frustrating. Is there at least a way to move all the frames at once? if not, any way to make the images import in the position that they should? thanks.

You cannot move the contents of multiple frames at once. However an options dialog comes up when you try to import images which allows you to choose where they are imported. Assuming you do not have any camera motion/interpolation, you can choose “Center of camera, current frame” and it will import all images to the center of the camera position at the current frame. If you do have camera motion you can choose “Center of camera, follow camera”, but this feature only works correctly in the latest nightly build versions.

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