I'm so happy right now

It’s great to see that somebody is still working to improve Pencil2D. Not only is it the only tool of it’s kind that I’ve seen on the web, it’s not bad for drawing in general thanks to the way it handles layers and zoom/rotation. It works nice with a tablet.

So, can somebody get me up to speed? What’s been done so far and what’s in the works around here? :3

Hi all,

I just installed Pencil2D today and I’m too am happy with the direction of Pencil2D.

I’m not an animator but I’m enjoying the software thus far.

Keep up the great work Pencil2D development team!

Well, I have to say; I’m really happy too. We are only a small ‘team’ for now here on the forums (@connors, @chchwy, BIG UP !); but we can see on the fork activity that Matt is doing a great job (at least, a lot of commits :)). I think that, if we stay on course, this could get us a great, great software. BTW, someone did contact me to help on the code. The only problem is that his email was incorrect so I got no way to reply him. Let’s hope he will check the website again !