I have a corrupted file?

so i was working on a animation for a friend, and pencil2d decided to try to autosave in the middle of it. I tried closing the autosave box since it was in the way, and then pencil2d crashed and closed. When i tried opening up my animation again i got a textbox saying there was an error opening my file. Can someone help out?

@pashedmotatoes Hi. Sorry to hear you had this issue. Unfortunately interrupting a saving procedure can indeed lead to data corruption.

The only good thing here is that since Pencil2D crashes it is highly likely that you can recover your work.

Edit: Ok I’ve edited the main guide for recovery with images and all for ease of use, please take a look at it. I’ve tried to make it as clear as possible so you can find the temporary files folder on your first try:

Make sure you take your time looking for this folder as it is highly likely it’s there due to Pencil2D crashing, and this will improve your recovery chances.

If by any stretch you can’t find this or it has been deleted, please also share the corrupted file with us using a file sharing site.

To share your file, please use either wetransfer.com (anonymous link option, will be deleted in 1 week - see guide below)

or Google Drive


Upload the file there so you can share an anonymous link with us to see how we can help recover whatever is still inside the file.

Do you have an email? I can share it through Wetransfer, if that’s okay. I still have the original file.

@pashedmotatoes Hi, please take a look at the wetransfer guide on my previous post near the end of the message.

There’s a GIF there that explicitly shows you how to use the anonymous link option. No need for emails :slight_smile:

Also the problem with me recovering the corrupted file instead of yourself via the guide, is that when files get corrupted it often happens that drawings can get deleted from the beginning of the animation.

Following the recovery steps on the guide will at least ensure that, in the case of a crash, IF there are leftover files in your computer’s temp folder, you can recover them faithfully.

Ideally we can both try to recover these files and then you can try to patch them up yourself. But I’m fairly confident that, at least if you’re using Windows, you can recover the temp files successfully, as the ones i’ll be able to recover will be solely based on the state of the file you are going to send.

Alright,i followed the tutorial and i was successfully able to recover the files into a folder. can i send it that way?

@pashedmotatoes Sure thing. If you found both themain.xml and the data folder in the system temp folder, you can ZIP them together to send the file.

Also send over the corrupted file as well so I can try to help recover more elements that might have been lost during the corruption.

i didn’t see main.xml but i have the data folder. should it be sent anyways?

@pashedmotatoes Ah, too bad about the xml then. Yes the data should hopefully contain most of the drawings. Along the corrupted file, i’ll try to reconstruct most of it. Note however that since the xml file is gone the camera size, the fps and some positions of the drawings might not be correct, so you’ll need to correct them afterwards.

that’s fine. i’ll send the data and the corrupted file then

@pashedmotatoes Alright. Well I managed to reconstruct the file a bit, however the drawings were badly misaligned, so I recorded a video showing how to use another free app to help you to align them more easily. It was really late here, so the volume is a bit low, but hopefully it’s easy to understand.

Along that I also prepared a file for that program along the pencil2d one and zipped them on the following link.

Here’s the link to the file:

And here’s a link to the download site of the Krita software I used (don’t worry it’s absolutely free) https://krita.org/en/download/krita-desktop/

I hope this at least helps you to keep going and allows you to finish your work in time. Good luck. Let me know how it goes.

thank you so much. i can actually fix what’s left on my own thru a backup file since it was just a few frames and color missing. it’ll take a while but it’s doable. thank you

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