I AM NEW TO Pencil2D

Hello…I am new to Pencil2D, Infact I just downloaded installed and join this community.

Please how do I get off very fast I need to do a class assignment, it involves creating a simple animated text over a login area of a webpage.

Thank you in anticipation your helpful contribution…

@iCodeMore Sorry my timezone is different and I just saw your message. I’m sure you couldn’t use the program as intended for your class, however for future information Pencil2D does not have a text tool so you’d have to animate it while drawing it by hand.

For interpolated / tweened text animation I can recommend Synfig (http://synfig.org) which would make your motion graphics animation much more quick.

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Thanks for your help on this one. I shall give this a try but would certainly have to return to master Pencil2D after completing my class project.