How to contribute in pencil devel?


I think I know c++ at a sufficient level.

I want to help developing Pencil - my question is what should I do if I want to modify the source code?

more detailed:

  1. I shoud create my own accont on or on and then make my own fork and work on it?
  2. or just download latest source code, make my modifications and then publish them as a one file - patch to source code , for example publish link to such a file on this forum?
  3. or another way?


PS. I like pencil, although I’m not using this as a tool in any way.

Hi, Zbyshek @szoszon

First of all, thanks for your participation.

The 1st way is the most encouraging way, creating a fork of original repo on github/bitbucket,
and send me a “Pull Request” after you made some improvement.
Two reference links:,+Compare+Code,+and+Create+a+Pull+Request



Although I did not understand anything of the technical words regarding to your work and other developers, I found it very interesting the last link you provided, and I just got a felling that something is really starting to move inside Pencil…

Great effort from you!