Hey! My stuff!

Here is quick walkcycle i did today.

I love it =o)

Very nice!

I’m new here. Still struggling a bit on how to do things. But I like Pencil2D so far.

One thing I don’t grasp is how can I move around a whole sequence of frames on the canvas? Let’s say I have already animated a guy jumps up in the air. I can import the frames as I have them already in 12 files, no problem. But as I have drawn the chair and the whole room in a differnt layer as background I want to place my frames exactly in one spot. When I do that with the select tool “dotted square” and the “black arrow” I only move individual frames. Let’s say I wanted to position all 12 at one time.

Maybe this is simpler than I can think of. :slight_smile:

I would appreciate an solution to my problem.

Best regards,


for the multi frame issues. no solution for the moment. got to think about a way to push it into the source code…