Hello! I'm jumping in!

Hi everyone.

Thank you all for your efforts on this great software. I’m very happy that you didn’t let this project die.

I’m a bit experienced with Qt, and it has great documentation where I fall short. So I forked the github repository, and am getting familiar with the code right now. I hope to send you some pull requests soon.

I love the new rotation transformation. That was what I always wanted in Pencil, it opens doors to cut out animations. If I can manage I want to improve it a little first. For example, I want to implement a movable rotation center to selections. I’ll try it.

Anyway, hello!

That’s good news @gordebak ! I’m the webmaster (but I’m not a Pencil2D developer), and I hope you will join the devs soon :slight_smile:
Happy to see you here.

See ya,


Thank you @gordie .

I make no promises though, I might not do something worthy. But I really want to contribute to this project.

This turned out to be trickier than I thought. Hmm…

There is a link to the IRC channel on your right.
You can talk with the devs there !