Having trouble with exporting/other issues?

Hi, I recently downloaded pencil 2d and i like it so far, except for the fact that I cant seem to figure out how to export it and is it normal to only be able to save it as a pcl file? The little popup attached to the file tells me I’m missing a phonon back end plugin but i can’t seem to figure out what that is and when I try to export i’m told i’m missing ffmpeg.exe in plugins directory. Though I can’t seem to find a plugin’s directory and even when i just tried downlading that plugin and putting it into a file it still says its missing. Anyone kniw how to fix this?

@ponyf1re Hey Ally. Thank you for downloading Pencil2D. I’ll have you know that Pencil2D is still rough on some areas. Right now movie export does not work.

You can export image sequences from Pencil, but you’d have to use a different program to make the images become a video.

The ffmpeg.exe solution works only on a handful cases, but our devs are working very hard so we can have a relatively stable program working, but for now I can only ask for your patience :).

I’ll direct you to a small video tutorial I made to help other people to create a video using Pencil & Shotcut, which is an open source (free) dedicated video editor.


If you have any question about this process, let me know.