Graphics Tablet Problems

Hello! I have this weird problem with my graphics tablet. ( Huion 1060 Plus )
(Just some background info, this problem only happens in Pencil2D. And only occasionally.)

Anyways, whenever I’m using Pencil2D with my tablet, I encounter this terrible lag (About 1-2 seconds)
It only happens while using this tablet. The mouse works perfectly fine.

If anyone knows how to fix this, I would love it!
I’ve been using Pencil2D for a long time now, and just recently got this tablet and it’s really sad having my favorite software not work with it half of the time.
Thanks! :smiley:

(Also sorry if this doesn’t fit in the Bug Reports area.)

@Jonah_6411 Hey. Don’t worry your issue fits in this category. We’ve had a lot of issues with HUION tablets as many users have reported different yet related problems related to latency / lag.

Please try out one of the following development builds which have some changes on how tablet input is sorted:

The “nightly builds” are always publicly available at

Here’s a direct link to the latest ones for each major system:

Also please read the following recommendation made by one of our devs and see if it works for you Difficulty with Tablet

Bear in mind that this solution is entirely dependent on your HUION drivers and if they allow the linear optimization feature or not is beyond our control; it really depends on each individual tablet version from that brand.

For the moment we’re still looking ways to solve this, but it is a difficult issue to fix and so far there’s no proper way to fix it yet.