Fwd: I\'d like to contribute in Pencil2D development

I got this message; maybe that’s interesting !

I really like the concept, congratulations from Spain! From old pencil app, I only found 2 inconvenients: the brush engine and the lack of keyboard shortcuts so I think it would be great to add the myPaint brush engine wich is done in C++; IMO, it's the greatest brush engine ever. As a programmer and art enthusiast with aptitudes for painting, knowings of 3D animation, and having created video games for entertainment companies, I'd like to contribute in Pencil2D development. I just downloaded from repository but I'm new to QT Creator: Any recommendations? Thanks! Cirus (contact -at- evolutivemedia -dot- com)

Woah, that MyPaint thing seems really cool.
@chchwy, do you think this could be useful for us ?

Ye! I have similar idea when I saw MyPaint before, what a great brush engine!

We can set it as a long-term goal, it’s a challenge, but worth it.


Okay; that’s so cool !

Maybe you could start a roadmap on Bitbucket ? Fixing goals for “next” release and future goals… So we don’t forget all this. Having it on Bitbucket would be perfect since it would be shown on the dedicated page, here, too.

That is a great news!

You are so motivated @gordie that it is kind of contagious thing to start thinking Pencil will improve a lot more… bugs free :slight_smile:

Congratulation for your work.


(by the way, I have seen that same nick name “ciruas” before… but don’t recall when/where…)

Thanks @kaiko :slight_smile:

All the congratulations should go to @chchwy who is doing the real work…
I’m just trying to create a community around the project to make it live and find people able to help…



I am not sure where is the right link for download the fork from Matt?


Thank you


See this page.

Thank you

Hey people, since you’re looking into the MyPaint world, there’s a “resurrected” branch that deals with 2D animation it’s the “MyPaint x-sheet” branch, hopefully you guys will have time to check it out, it’s quite new as well and i’m sure both projects would benefit from any interaction between Devs.

The guy’s name is David Sorenson http://davissorenson.com/ and this is the GITHub page for the code https://github.com/davissorenson/dopey , i think it is worth a look since MyPaint is really great in terms of line quality and canvas responsiveness, plus the brush engine is really nice, i have no time to tinker with code or i would help you out with that, but in terms of artwork let me know! i’ll be keen to anything that happens around too.

For what i recall they used the layering system as an exposure sheet system used in the old days (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exposure_sheet ).

@gordie Also i found the deviatnart page of the guy who owns evolutivemedia.com, maybe he is the person that sent you the email if not he might know who did! http://3dsigner.deviantart.com/ , cheers!

Anyway hope this helps! keep up the great work guys!

Thanks, very useful information!