Flipped Animation

Hello. I’m still new to the programme and before I started on my latest animation I clicked the flip vertically button. I didn’t realize this until I had finished the animation and now it’s upside down when I export it. Is there a simple way to select everything and flip them the right side up? Thank You, unsolicitedDoomsday.

@unsolicitedDoomsday Hi. Unfortunately there’s currently no way to do this inside Pencil2D. However there are simple ways to do this in other free programs.

The difficulty will depend on which software you decide to use, I think the simplest way right now could be just using a free video editor like Shotcut (click on link to go to their website)

  1. Load the movie produced by Pencil2D
  2. Apply the Flip filter to correct the view vertically (for horizontal correction you have to use the “mirror” filter)
  3. Render the video again.

For more info on Shotcut you can watch some video tutorials on their website.

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