[FIXED] ISSUE: Erase-tool doesn´t behave well (vector/bitmap layers)

Reporting to the last build (03Jul)
The ERASE tool always does its job. But I found some weird behaviours:

when its SIZE is changed (on the “Options” left panel), its “icon-tool” on canvas (which is a circle. Small circle equals small erase) doesn’t update accordingly to that change. The Circle-icon remains with the same size.
Sometimes it just disappears but the ERASE remains active in line with the value showed on its size-bar.

In order to update the icon-tool (circle) on canvas, just change to another tool on the tools-panel and change again to the Erase.

Despite all of that, when the erase is active, it always behave accordingly to the changes made on the “Options Size-slide-bar”.

Already issued https://github.com/pencil2d/pencil/issues/46