Find Pencil a new name

I think we should find a specific name for your fork since it’s rather confusing…
I saw you put “Pencil 2” on the welcome screen of the soft. Should I use that name on this site ?

We could eventually also search for a new logo (and favicon) and font (the way Pencil was written is quite crappy)
Pencil original Icon
Pencil original logo

Maybe this could be done in SVG so it “cleaner” ? But maybe cleaner is not very Pencil-esque.
What do u think ?

@gordie I believe “Pencil 2” is typo…haha.

It’s nice to have a new name, but maybe Pencil “2” is too fast.
Does anyone have idea about new name?

Then, let’s make brain fry ! :slight_smile:

…Anyone ?

The main thing is to keep the word “Pencil”… so from that on, it could be a name similar to:

Pencil you, Pencil 4y (for you)

Pencil 2, Pencil 2y (to you)

Pencil soft

to Pencil

Pencil trad (from traditional)

my Pencil

Pencil it




Pencil X
Cute Pencil
Pencil White
Pencil Black

Nice one!

I think “iPencil” is the best “idea”. We can work on it.
For example, “tPencil”, with the t of traditional.
dPencil, with the d of digital

Pensil… a clever one :slight_smile:

Any reason it still has to be similar to “Pencil”?

How about ‘Art laboratory’?

Good you mentioned that @Ben!

There is no one particular reason to be similar, or different, to the word Pencil.

If you want to use “Pencil2D” then that’s fine with me.

BTW, at some point I’m planning on helping with further development. Just too busy at the moment.

I don’t like iPencil too much (too iMac).
I was also thinking to Onion Skin, which is a funny expression and which is very related to animation…

Or Pencil2D is maybe the best idea since it tells what it is (2d drawing software), I personnaly like the idea of keeping the relationship to “Pencil”, Chris (nice to see u here Chris!) is OK to use it and the website has already that address…

@ Gordie

I really like ‘Onion Skin’ great suggestion!

Ah, right the website URL, would that be hard to change?

Drawing it

I’m new here and I never worked this way but I hope I’ll get used very soon.

Regarding the old logo, I like it. It’s a bit vintage but I think it’s favorable, especially in the case of pencil; however, if you need new designs (supposedly after deciding the new name), let me know. The same offer is applicable to the interface design, icons for buttons, etc.

Regarding the new name, there’s a lot of possibilities but “Pencil” compound names are so difficult to find that I added totally new ones to the list. Well, I’m not very inspired today so I hope that, at least, some of these examples will trigger others inspiration.

Creative studio
Flesh (logotype could be similar to “flash” with the ‘a’ upside down :wink:
Open Pencil
Lightbox Studio

I am starting to think that the word Pencil should became part of the software. It is a lot more easier to find it for those who are intending to “pencil” something digitally… kind of intuitive thing

Despite having said that, I find “OpenArtist” to be a good name :slight_smile:


I agree, the original name is the best option.

One more thing: there’s another application called “pencil”:

…perhaps it’s convenient to subtly retouch the original name eg. adding a short term at the end?

I specially liked

pencil it
pencil X(could mean platform :slight_smile:
iPencil (very good though pencil isn’t at first place :frowning: )


Strange enough that the other “pencil” software didn´t bother to find out if there was another software with the same name as their soft… maybe “our” Pencil was the one to follow them…

That Pencil X could be:
Pencil Win (with two meanings !.. Victory and Platform as @Cirus suggested)… if it only worked on Windows of course

Pencil it (I like it a lot :slight_smile: )

I like anything that keeps Pencil in the name, so everyone knows that it’s a continuation of the Pencil project. Perhaps something like:




In my personal opinion, I prefer “Pencil2D”.

  1. It’s simple and intuitive.
  2. It matches the url of this website.
  3. Pencil2D is not a new software, it’s still the Pencil that we used in the past few years.
  4. I don’t encourage keeping 2 or more forks in the future, we should focus on ONE active repository. No more chchwy branch/morevna branch, only Pencil2D.
  5. Chris kindly agree with this. (I hope Chirs will come back soon. :D)

OnionSkin or OpenArtist is good, too. Maybe we can use them in next project. (In Pascal’s Vision, Pencil is not the only project)

I agree too !

I really like pencil’s name its simple, and it gets the job done, but if we would want to change it, then i would go and look at classical animation terms and how we can integrate it with the software.

A few come to mind, which are essential tools / terms mixed with cool adjectives (i hope) and also having in mind the ones that have been said before:


Sketch Master

Sketch Lab


Exposure (because of the exposure sheet)

Virtual Pegbar

Onion (with a nice onion mascot)

Pixel Frames

Framed!, “The Open Source 2D Animation Software

These too are suggestions of course, but i think there’s still a long way to go before there can be any choice made regarding this, but in the end i think Pencil2D does the job :slight_smile: