feedback on recent development

I haven’t been active in a few weeks, but it seems the devs have been…lots of improvements. Here are some of my immediate thoughts about some of the changes i can see today.

Bitmap smudge is looking good! Much better than when i last saw it.

Color wheel weirdness with the popup and docked wheels not cooperating seems to be fixed…thanks.

Colored onionskin is AWESOME!! except…it also tints layers. Does that seem strange to anyone else? If you think it’s proper to view layers as part of the onion skin, then maybe you should have colored onionskin turned off by default…it took a while to figure out why my colors looked wrong on the canvas.

“Proper” layer order is AWESOMELY AWESOME!!! I have no criticism about this…it’s just a huge pile of wonderful to not have to adjust my concept of layers when going from any other graphics program to Pencil2D. Thank you!

Line quality seems to be in a state of flux…currently it’s looking good, although the pen on a bitmap layer sometimes seems very jagged. I might be misremembering what it was like before, though, and after spending more time using this type of pen tool in mypaint lately i might be unjustly comparing the two.

Overall Pencil2D is quickly improving, and i’m really happy to see it continue development. I hope bug fixes are still a priority over features, though…there are still serious problems that will kill a Pencil session without warning, and at this point I’m still afraid to do anything more than play with it

All this seems very nice ! Will try too once I have some time.
Thanks guys !

Colored onionskin feature has been added just a day (or two) before your post, and I’m yet analysing its behaviour and advantages.

The caracteristics I’m considering are similar to what you suggested; it’s not only better for the users experience but for the application performance as well.

Thank you for your contribution to Pencil2D development @mikshaw

@Cirus, as @mikshaw wrote, it is a bit confusing using the colour capabilities also applied to the onionskins-layers. Specially if you are using bitmap with a random of different shapes coloured with different colours.
What about implementing something like a on/off setting for colouring/not colouring the onion-layers?
I believe as I am not animator, that someone may find this useful. Maybe to hear others experiences?

I also found a bug relate to export images. But I am not able to reproduce it consistently, but it will be an end killer session not knowing that behaviour.

You can be happy this time:

  1. the colored onion skin seems ok.
  2. strokes gave up shaking, no more jagged lines.

Excuse me guys, but where is colored onion skins? I have the latest nightly build. May be I am blind…

Colors are used in most 2d animation apps but if you don’t want them,

just press colored buttons in the display settings section (near the onionskin buttons, at the bottom right)


Today’s nightly build is not released yet, please wait a moment. :smiley:


You have done great with your new explanation about the "Colored onionskin completion…"
That makes a lot of sense, and there is no more difficulties to understand which onion-layer-coloured is been displayed. Nice!

I was a bit confused, sorry :slight_smile:

I’ve had to do something in pencil after my short burst of dev in the summer. It’s great! Everything I need it to be. thanks a lot people.

the red and blue colorization is AWESOME!!
Things are so much less confusing now with onion skin on :slight_smile: