[feature request] Move Onion Skin prefs to more prominent place?

I find as I’m animating I’m constantly changing how many previous/subsequent frames I use for onion skinning. Right now the way to change this is to go to Pencil2D>Preferences>Tools (my OS is Mac OSX El Capitan). I find this quite a cumbersome way to do things - isn’t there somewhere more prominent these options can be put, say, next to the 'Toggle Match Keyframes" button?

I’m using the Jan 14th Nightly Build.


@neeby Yes I totally agree, actually I really think we could use a panel that displayed relative transparencies for each frame before and after your actual drawing (up to 10 or maybe a number that we input).

The thing is that it would be needed to write new code for that new window, plus re write how the transparencies work (i.e. moving the settings out of the preferences window). But I’m not sure what else would be required.

I’ll look into making a mockup proposal to see If we can implement this in the future. Thank you for your input!