Faire tourner l'espace de travail * rotate the workspace

Bonjour Je vous propose une idée : insérer un slider au dessus de la fenêtre de dessin pour faire tourner l’espace de dessin et un bouton pour le remettre à zéro

I suggest you an idea: insert a slider above the drawing window to rotate the drawing space and a button to reset it

@mcsblanc Hi. Hmm Pencil2D has had the ability to Pan, Zoom and Rotate the Canvas since many years ago.

To rotate use the Hand tool and press ALT + Click. If you’re using a drawing tool, you can invoke this by pressing SPACEBAR + ALT + Click to rotate.

You can also press R to rotate clockwise, and Z to rotate counter-clockwise

To reset the Rotation press CTRL + H

I think having a visual widget might help people that use Screen Tablet Devices such as the CINTIQ or KAMVAS, but this would be considered as a user experience enhancement and not a critical feature as we already can rotate the Pencil2D canvas via a combination of mouse or keyboard, so it will probably take a long time before being implemented.

Thank you for your feedback :smile::exclamation:

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