Exporting animation - changing animation quality


first of all, i would like to say thank you for continuing to develop this excellent piece of freeware. the older version had a whole bunch of problems that prompted me to pull some of my hair out.

I have a question regarding exporting. I would like to export my animations into an AVI file but the quality is awfully low at 200kbps. I’m looking to put together a 3-minute animation in 720p quality. 6000kbps (very high quality) is what I’m after. is there a way to achieve this? it doesn’t have to be 6000kbps; it just has to be enough to not have any noticeable video artifacts.

Thank you greatly for any help.

(My website is located at www.isaacrfk.com if you’re interested in my style at all.)

hi, @isaacrfk

Could you tell me which OS does you use? Windows? Linux?

The video exporter is very different in every platform. This information is needed.


I am using Windows 8. ffmpeg in the plugins directory. latest version of pencil2d.


thank you

@chchwy does the exporting send specific parameters to ffmpeg, or does it just use default settings?

@isaacrfk If default settings are used, maybe you can tell ffmpeg to use different defaults…I’m not sure how windows works with ffmpeg, though…maybe there’s a config file or environment variables that can be used, maybe there isn’t. If not, you could try exporting as PNG sequence and then rendering the high quality using a video editor (or ffmpeg directly).