Export not working?

Ive put this down as Miscellaneous as im probably just doing something stupid. When i export my animation, It says complete but when i view it its only a few lines, whereas my animation on the editor is fully complete. Is it something to to with the bitmap/vector thing? Im kinda new to this. Any ideas would really help. Thanks.

@LPJ25 Hi. Can you tell me if you are using the latest version of Pencil2D? If you’re not sure, go to the menu HELP > ABOUT > And copy and apste whatever information you see there in here.

Also, what do you mean regarding these “lines”? If you export anything from the editor you will not have “layers”. If you meant frames (images) then there are a few issues you might be experiencing but to know what exactly we need at least a couple of screenshots from the timeline, and the export dialog.