Export a looping sequence

I created something that works as movement when looping it. I then tried to export it, but that didn´ work. I would like to have this effect by copying the little scene with all it´s layers, so that I have it for several times after another. I am afraid to get mixed up by trying it frame by frame. I´m sure there is a way of doing it easily.

@firstcat2 Hmm, to be honest if you were only using Pencil2D, you’d have to export an image sequence and then re-import it as many times as you required the loop, but as you said this might not be the most effective way.

It’s not uncommon in a work environment to use several tools, so If you don’t mind using additional tools along Pencil2D, I’d suggest doing this on a video editor, since there you can have “clips” which can be easily repeatable.

So you’d have your main timeline in Pencil2D, and once you’re done, and only the looping parts are missing, you could export the whole video (without looping parts), import it in a video editor, and then fill in the gaps with the repeated clips. Finally export as a video from the video editor.

A recommended video editor is kdenlive.org, and pay attention to the download page guide to get “FFMPEG” which is a required plugin so the editor can work (if you’re on windows) or you can get shotcut.org which is a good solution as well, although for me it has crashed when using really big files.

Thank you again. A bit disappointing though, that there is no easier way. Since this little sequence was only very short, I did it by copying the frames which of course was a bit annoying. I should try it with a video program. Thanks for your help and the suggestions.