Experimental build for Mac OS X (v0.5.2)

Dear all,

Here is an experimental build for Mac OS X


I’m not a experienced mac user, and this is my first time to deploy Qt app on Mac,

so … I really need guys to tell me that it works fine or not.

ps. “export movie” is broken now.



Quick check :

It works ! :slight_smile:
Some stuff are broken :

  • Got no tablet pressure
  • "Reset window" crashes the software
  • Paint Bucket Tool paints a square when used outside a closed shape. I guess it should paint nothing if used outside a shape.
  • Select Tool > when an area is selected, and if the cursor "hovers" the area, we should be able to move what is selected, no ?
  • Same for the eraser : the clear tool should only clear the selected area (if any), or the eraser tool used inside the area should only erase what is selected ?
Will make more tests later !

Thank you gordie,

this information is helpful.

I can confirm all that Gordie is saying. It’s missing Pressure Sensitivity (one of my favorite features). Also, the thing with the fill tool is present in the original Pencil from 2008. If there’s a break in your outline it floods all the way to the edge of the current frame (the edge is dynamic so that you can have the infinite canvas).

Also, the selection tool is currently only for copy/paste and for moving and resizing square selections. A lot would have to be implemented to add features to it. But you can move/resize with the cursor tool selected.

I do appreciate the duplicate frame button, however.

What is the purpose of the “contours” setting?