Events caught outside edit view boundrect

I like the new improvements, the shortcuts were so necessary, thank you for implementing them. After you improved and simplified the code, a new bug appeared (0.5.2b version)
  • the edit view seems to catch events from outside its boundrect.
  • The mouse works fine but when I press the tablet pen over any tool button, the events are sent to the edit view instead of the buttons and they can't be pushed.
It seems like a relative vs absolute coordinates of mouse/tablet event problem, wish I could help you to debug that but it's the first time I use repositories so I'm a bit slow now.

Hope it helps!



hi Cirus, @jose-f-cillero

I can’t reproduce this bug on my Mac.

It seems ok with my WACOM bamboo fun. All tool buttons work fine.
Do you still have this problem in the newest version?