Encountering Several Bugs (Windows version)

I am having several problems with the program first problem I encountered was no sound but then I used the “a few problem and solution” advice and I got the .wav audible but it stutters I’ve used several different sources for .wav files and this happens with all of the files, they play fine outside of pencil but once they are imported they stutter badly.

The next problem I keep encountering is when I use duplicate key frame. It use to work fine but now after using it anywhere from 1 - 20 times it will stop working ( it will duplicate an empty page instead of the frame I select ) the only way around this I found is to get out of the program and get back in it and it will allow me to duplicate anywhere from 1-2 and then I have to save get out and do it all over again 1-2 key frames at a time. Sometimes pencil will crash if I use the duplicate key frame button.

If I use the paint brush tool all of a sudden what I am drawing turns into a white block and from that point on I can’t draw anything because it will make parts of the drawing disappear or turn into a white block so I have to get out of the program and start all over sometimes when this happens pencil crashes most time it doesn’t.

When I use the paint bucket pencil will sometimes crash. Paint bucket does not work well it will fill anything from a dot to a small chunk of the area I want filled and will leave fine white line.

I love this program when its working right. If anyone knows of solutions for these problems please tell.