Disappearing Lines

For some reason, whenever I draw any line at all in pencil, regardless of what type, my lines disappear. I’ll be trying to animate, and I release my Wacom pen, and as soon as I release the pen, the line just disappears… Please note, I’m using version 0.4.4b on Mac. Any help would be much appreciated, thanks!


@Brendan take off the Alpha checkbox in drawing tool Options

Where is the Alpha checkbox?
I’m sorry :-). I’m quite a beginner at pencil2d, so I don’t know much about it.

@sfepa Strange, I was quite blind and found the checkbox. Unfortunately though, it’s already unchecked, so I’m not sure what’s going wrong…

@brendanberney Could you manage to record a video where you open Pencil so this issue can be seen? Also, have you tried Version 0.5.4 beta for Mac OSX?


Let us know about the vid, and do try if possible this other version. I know for a fact that the old Mac version was really good, but I don’t have a Mac to give you full support, so the video is to see if there’s actually something that can be done without tinkering with the program’s source code. Cheers.

@Jose_Moreno Sure thing! Here is the link to the video: https://youtu.be/3LpPoGMNhdE

@morr The beta release has it’s own problems. Although the lines don’t disappear when I release my mouse, somehow, whenever I have my Wacom connected, the lines are extremely slow. Here is a demonstration using a Wacom tablet: https://youtu.be/p_MneDdu9hI

Here is one without using a tablet (just my mouse): https://youtu.be/DQIBl167zz0

As you can see from the demonstration above, for some reason it bugs out when my Wacom (Intuos) is connected, but works just fine with just a mouse. Any help at all would be much appreciated.



@brendanberney Hmm what you describe seems to be awfully similar to a problem I too have from time to time, particularly the “extremely slow” lines issue, happens to me as well on Windows and not even with Pencil but with Krita! It’s an issue with the wacom driver.

First what model of tablet do you have? (you can see that on the back of your tablet, mine is Intuos Pro 5 (Touch) model PTH-450

Also would you mind taking a snapshot of your wacom driver version?

You can get it to show like this:

  1. Open your Wacom Tablet Properties App

  2. When the propoerties window appear, go to the bottom left part and you should see a button that says “About”, click on it

  3. Screenshot the pop-up so we can see the Control Panel version and the Driver Version.

The above is so we can rule out the driver version to be causing issues, since it’s well known that some of the drivers that wacom churn out are deffective and cause hiccups. I personally use the one that came with my installation CD.

Apart form that, I don’t know about Mac, but whenever I had that “slow lines” problem on windows I had to restart my computer in the past to make it work again, so I managed to find a way to restart Wacom’s driver service to make it work during the same session.

I found this method to be similar to what I do in Windows, try it to rule out partially that your wacom driver.


If everything fails I think it would be good that you could document this behaviour and submit it to the GitHub Bug tracker, so a developer can work on it when possible:


@morr Ok, so for starters, I have an Intuos Pen Small Tablet model CTL-480.

Here is the driver, and control panel version: Driver version

Not sure if It’s important or not, but I personally didn’t insert the disc, and instead downloaded the driver from the internet. I will also try to alert a developer.

I really do appreciate the help!