Different Camera Resolution for Final Scene

I just joined the community, so I’m sorry if I’m posting this in the wrong place or if I missed something.

You see, I’m making a short animation and it’s almost finished. The camera layer has plenty of “keys” that are set at 500 x 450. There’s one last key for the final scene, and I want to change the resolution to 860 x 450.

Simply put, each key is set at 500 x 450, but I want the last one to be set at 860 x 450.

That’s all, really. I’m just wondering if there’s a way to make this work.

@venno Hey, don’t worry. Welcome. Hmm, the problem is normally digital animation or painting software works by having a baseline resolution. If you change the resolution it will affect everything within a project. So, if you change the camera res to the higher number what will happen is that the rest of the animation will appear as if it was “smaller” than you originally intended.

I don’t know why you require such precise numbers, but no matter what video or software you work with, the final video will always be the size of the highest resolution you use, there’s no way to change the video size mid way. It’s either a square or a rectangle proportion.

With that said, if you kind of still want to do this you can try to export everything at 850 by 450 and create the illusion of size change by putting a black background that would fill the screen behind your animation as a base and on top, yet still behind your main drawings, put a square that acts as the “real” canvas that is the size of 500 x 450 and on the last frame you fill the background to be full white but at the final size (860 x 450). This would give the illusion of change, but the whole video would still be the same resolution.

Something like this

Thanks for the reply, Jose. The whole thing boggled my mind, so I really appreciate the help. I’ll see what I can do.

Thank you again for the help, Jose. It all went well and my animation is finished. Here’s what I made:

Pencil2D Animation

@venno Thanks for sharing, that’s some really cool work! Also If you want come join the Pencil2D official Discord Server you can post your work and talk to other Pencil2D users when they are connected (and get help faster if a developer is online). Either way keep up the great work!