[DEVELOPER] Help about project

i want to do project on pencil software.and i have never been on a forum before.please help me out. may be i can show a slight interchange in GUI . or may be you can help to understand basic sourcecode changes to make.i knw c,c++ and somewhat visual c++.thank you for helping :slight_smile:

@prayuja Hi and welcome to the Pencil2D forums! We are glad to hear that you are interested in helping out with the code :slight_smile:

To visit the code repository I suggest you go to our Github page here:

To take a look at all the current bugs and issues go here:

For a roadmap and the original vision of what Pencil2D is supposed to do, you can read about it here (this is very important to read):


If you have any specific question on how to work your way in pencil, you can ask here and Iโ€™ll make sure to relay your comments to the devs through the forum tagging.

But if you have particular issues to discuss with them try to tag them through Github :slight_smile:

To tag someone there use the @ symbol followed by their display name.

To Tag someone in this forum use the @ symbol followed by their username (click on their display name to find out)

For example, my display name is Jose Moreno, but my username is โ€œmorrโ€


Again thank you for being interested in helping out with Pencil2D!