Developer Appreciation Thread

I’ve followed and used Pencil for several years, and I’d just like to say how grateful I am that there are folks out there giving some of their time to work on and keep alive perhaps not the most glamorous or well known open source project. :slight_smile:

I still find that there isn’t any freely available animation software that compares to Pencil in certain ways, especially open sourced. Of course there is a lot of room for improvement, but it would be a great loss if Pencil was completely discontinued.

I have a feeling that there is a ‘silent majority’ of followers and users, and I recommend to them that they at least post here once to give developers some encouragement.

You took the words out of my mouth Leedar! i had never registered in the old previous pencil forums, but now i will here! i want to support this proyect as much as i can, even if it’s just by doing animations and bug-finding, it’s so hard to find a 2d animation software that won’t cost hundreds to thousands, plus the others out there, anmely the mypaint x-sheet branch and gimp’s bastardly mutation of plugins (GIMP GAP), won’t really get you much done unless you know how to code and compile that code (which i don’t have time to tinker with), there’s SYNFIG too, but i feel it is more like a response to the cut-out market, rather than the classical animation one, heck one can even use “blender” but it’s a real pain to get anything decent in 2D, that it’s not cut-out (look for the grease pencil 2D tests and the cut-out style animations).

Anyway i want to portray my humble thanks to the devs, i am a 2D & 3D animator and illustrator and i would love to help in any way i can. I’ll try to be really pending on the development of this branch, and by all means if there’s artwork or stuff you guys need for the page let us know , the community, and i’m sure we will respond in no time!.

I would like as well to ask the silent lurkers out there, development doesn’t come without sacrifice! if you cannot donate, at least see if you can contribute via coding, bug-finding, or just word-of-mouth recommentadions to your FLOSS-Obssesed Dev friends!

Anyway cheers! What a great way to begin this morning!


Hey People!"

You are doing a really great job commenting and registering on this new adventure of Pencil…

We can all feel in the air (who doubts about that?) that things are moving, and that is a real motivation for more people to come and help. just by writing a comment is a good motivation for the actual developer Matt.

Thanks to @Matt everything started to move in one direction, and that is all what matters. Pencil was kind of dead and he started moving things and we all can see it is moving fast. Step-by-step is the main motivation in real life in order to achieve something good and desirable. THANKS!
Thanks to @Gordie everything is being put together and we can join a group who is becoming strong and are interested on the development of Pencil. THANKS!

And there must be others hidden, I think. THANKS!

Be Happy! :slight_smile: