I’ve been gone quite a bit. I haven’t been a very good developer, and I have started a lot of things that I haven’t finished. Truth of the matter is, I’m depressed and lack motivation. So, I’m saying goodbye. I barely know how Qt works and I don’t think I have much left I can contribute. I’m sorry for not doing more - this is a great community and I want Pencil2d to survive. But I think I’m done here for the time being.

Hopefully I will be back someday, once I feel I can commit more to the project and stop disappearing for months at a time. Hopefully that will be soon.

Anyway, it’s been nice to know you all. I’m sorry again for not being a very good contributor. I’ll miss you guys :frowning:

@spark Sorry to hear that Nick, however I understand you well man. I too have been feeling a bit depressed lately due to personal issues. I think the fact that you want to help makes a world of difference, I think even the smallest change in code could help the project, but if you’re not feeling well while working on it then don’t stress over it.

I wish I could convince you to continue helping out, but to be honest I too am feeling my quota of angst right now. Seeing as there’s so little interest in the software development (users are a different matter as they flood the site daily), it’s hard to foresee what will come up next.

Anyway, don’t worry about a thing and don’t be a stranger come back from time to time, also don’t worry about messaging over tumblr, if you want to send word and I can reply I’ll gladly do it. I’ve been trying to remain as active as possible but that’s the only thing I can do, to manage the fansites and hoping for a miracle to happen, lol.

Take care and allow yourself some peace of mind, things do get better with time. Cheers.

I’m sorry you are leaving,because I cant really do anythings in developement as I’m totally ignorant about that ,I’m feel exactly like you because I CAN’T help the project!AT ALL! I understand you and hope to see you as soon as possible.
MY best wishes.
sorry for bad english!