Deleting strokes and just overall being funky

Im experiencing a glitch where on the moment i draw on the second frame everything just deletes and when i zoom out everything suddenly appears , pencil 2d glitch - YouTube heres a video of the glitch happening. i just downloaded pencil 2d and never tried animation so i dont really have any idea of whats happening

@issy Hi. I believe some of those glitches have been fixed in the development versions. If you have some spare time can you test the latest development version and see if your issue is fixed? If not let us know so we can report this in the developer forum.

Additionally, know that if you draw on an empty frame, the default behavior is to take it as an extension of an existing drawing and it will keep drawing on the same “paper”. If you want to create a new frame container on empty frames you draw on, please go to

Edit > Preferences > Timeline > Drawing section > Create a new (blank) key-frame option

Here’s a direct link for the most recent testing download Windows 64 bits Oct 19th - Google Drive

Note: This version is meant for testing only, it’s not meant as a final release. Since we can’t predict what new issues exist from the most recently added features or changes, in case you find more issues with this version please report them here as well.

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