Daugther of the Sun and Moon

Animated Swedish Folk Tale Solens och Månens dotter I’ve used a number of tools to make this. Among them Pencil2D

With Swedish narration and possibility of subtext here

English narration here

Great story, even someone can learn something from this story. Quality is alright but not the best to me.

That’s a fair assessment. :slightly_smiling_face:

Very nice! The limited animation is fine, as long as the story is strong. I missed some pauses in the narration. It’s like you’re in a hurry.

Thank you.

I first make the Swedish narration and make the video to fit that.

When I made the English narration the timing was not quite the same. The sentences is not always of similar length. There was some passages where I had to speed things up a bit to get it in.

It’s the Swedish narration I commented on. I’m Danish, so I had no problems understanding the Swedish narration, and it was in this narration I would have put some pauses, but that’s a personal preference I guess.

Good work!

Sorry. Jumped to the wrong assumption. Glad you watched it with the Swedish narration. Again thanks for your comment. :slight_smile:

Your film(-s) make me think of my old colleague Jakob Koch, who uses Pencil2D for small homemade films. He made one about a Swedish fiddler in 2018. You’ll find his films at http://androkles.dk/ if you’re interested.

(Awkward to write in English to a Swede…)

Thanks. Very nice.Your old colleague obviously is a very good animator.

(On using English …True, but on an international fora, it is reasonable to use a general common language )