Custom Shortcuts. Some hidden

When I say hidden Shortcuts I mean that they are not present on the Custom Shortcut´s list of the last build (02Aug2013).

I was playing with Pencil like it was ArtRage instead, and took note of the following shortcuts.

I use a tablet with a pen.

Keep pressing the Right button plus moving the tool cursor to some direction (no need to drag the cursor) will allow to Zoom the CANVAS In and Out:
Moving Up will ZoomOut and moving Down will ZoomIn (faster way)
Moving Right will ZoomOut and moving Left will ZoomIn (slower way)

Keep pressing the SpaceBar will active the HandTool

Keep pressing the ALT+Right button will allow to Rotate the canvas. Making a circular move with the pen while pressing these shortcuts will rotate the canvas left or right. It is a bit tricky and it would be easier if dragging the pen against the canvas and making a circular move to get the canvas rotating.

EDITED: I realized that the tool cursor has to be at the CENTER of the canvas for the rotation of the canvas works properly, if not will happen the same thing @mikshaw mentioned bellow “Also the Alt+right mouse needs work…seems to be zoom + rotate”

these kinds of keyboard controls are so very useful in any graphics application. I kinda wish they were customizable, though. I’m accustomed to using middle mouse to pan, and find it much easier than spacebar + drag. Plus I like to use spacebar for play/pause, since it’s much easier to tap with my left hand than Enter is.

Also the Alt+right mouse needs work…seems to be zoom + rotate

Very Useful list @kaiko, we should put it into the user manual !

See if what I edited above solved what you mentioned about the rotation

I edited the whole topic. I think it is a good idea also. Thank you

If someone interested, please edit the topic. Thanks in advance!