createPath error when trying to hear sound

I just recently downloaded pencil2d for the sole purpose of trying to draw things in sync with sound clips, had the same “can import sound but can’t hear it” problem as everyone else.

Following @Piggy’s instruction, I thought I’d had it resolved, but ever after getting everything installed and restarted, whenever I try to play the sound file (an mp3, not a wav. Should it not matter, or should I be using wav instead?), I get this:

WARNING: Phonon::createPath: Cannot connect Phonon::MediaObject ( no objectName ) to Phonon::AudioOutput ( no objectName )
I've tried looking through google a bit, but a lot of it is a bit too jargon-y for me to really understand, and none of the threads I find seem to be pencil2d specific, so I went ahead and made an account to see if someone here could give me a hand?

Is this something caused by a lack of something I needed in the file that was supposed to fix it, just a bad mp3 on my side, or something else entirely?

Any help is greatly appreciated, and sorry if I somehow posted a duplicate of something that’s been asked/answered before!

I don’t know enough to say what the error message is, other than it is indeed related to the audio system. There are problems with audio in general in Pencil, and as far as i know there have been audio problems since before the Pencil2D fork. The nearest i’ve come to success with playback is to place the audio on a frame other than frame 1, and start playback before that point. There’s an additional problem, though, which may or may not have been fixed since last time i tried: If you try to loop playback it may crash (it was a consistent event on my computer).

Even without these problems, there isn’t really audio-video sync available in Pencil yet; you can only play through the audio from the start…no scrubbing through it. At this point, the only open source animation software i know of that properly does AV sync is Blender. One thing i’ve been meaning to test is sketching the keyframes in time with audio using Blender’s grease pencil (the feature recently got an upgrade to enable frame-by-frame animation), and then bringing the keys into Pencil2D.