Copy and Paste won't function for some reason?

Hi, I’ve been noticing that through every possible means that the copy and paste function will not work. Ctrl C? Nope. Not even when doing it the manual way. I’m using the 64-bit Windows 10 version and I’m really frustrated that this very easy function won’t work for some reason. Please help ;-;

@DezButScreaming Hey. Sorry to hear about your issue. This was fortunately fixed months ago and we’ve announced it many times on all the social media profiles but it seems people just haven’t caught on about these news.

There are also a few threads in this forum that answer this so if possible please use the forum search box next time to avoid duplicates :slightly_smiling_face:

Either way here’s the direct link for all systems included Windows. Please try it out and let us know if you have any other problem.

Win (64 bits) :
MacOSX (10.11+)
Linux :

I appreciate you getting back to be but it appears that both of my anti-virus softwares detect this version as a virus… Will there be like, an official official release that won’t trigger Windows Defender or Norton Security, thanks again though.

@DezButScreaming I’m sorry to hear that. I must say though that antivirus applications like Norton, Kaspersky, Windows Defender and so on, keep their “high rates” of virus detection is by flagging everything that is unsigned or coming from outside sources other than the user pc as “potentially harmful” files or viruses.

Of course if you were downloading this from ad infested sites or “Soft-pedia” I would raise an eyebrow but to my knowlege neither Pencil2D release builds nor any of it’s nightly builds contain real viruses, otherwise we’d have 60% of the current users already having an inquisition here. Since this is an open-source application it is freely available, but only the Pencil2D team controls the development and release builds provided on the website and by extension the links I provided earlier.

Of course you can wait for 0.6.3 release, but since it is impossible for the project team to sign the application for each platform due to resource constraints (remember we are volunteers who donate our time to this project, there’s no money here), we can’t put it on the windows store either so even if you get the new version it is most likely that it will still be flagged as a virus mainly because a release build is exactly the same as a development build, just with enough fixes to be seen as worthy of a release.

The only other option I can provide you would be for you to compile the source code from scratch along the necessary dependencies from within your computer if you’re up for that.

That said, If you’re not comfortable with Pencil2D due to this issue, I can also provide you with a list of alternative animation software that can replace it so you can continue your artistic endeavors :slightly_smiling_face: :

Other than that since the solution to this problem already exists, it’s your choice to make, but whether you take it or not I’m afraid I can’t offer you any more real constructive alternatives that can solve your issue as promptly and as effectively as using a development build instead of the release one.