coordinating development

Hi people, great to see the project back alive. I was wondering if there was a place to coordinate development (IRC channel)? I would like to contribute, because I am seeing issues using the software on OSX (really choppy lines, no wacom pressure) that I would really like to fix. I’m quite deep into QT professionally right now so I have a lot of necessary muscle memory to fix other issues too.

Welcome @Manuel,

Thank you for your desire to help.

I believe their would be a way for you all, developers and helpers, to be in contact each other in order to organize and do things in synchronism.

Glad for your subscription!

Well at the moment the man to talk would be @Matt Chang , i don’t think there is an IRC channel just yet, but we can ask Matt if he’s willing to either setup one, or to allow any one of us to do so for the whole community, i think @Gordie should be involved with this too since he’s the website admin. If there is no response in the following days i’ll set up a provisiona channel or something just so you guys can get this going.

And by all means like @Kaiko said thank you for wanting to help, seriously even the smallest contribution will be great but yours can prove to be quite helpful, especially since you’re adept with QT.

Let’s wait for a response or else, have a nice time!

We would be glad to have you with us, @manuel_odendahl !
Yes, we need people to help @chchwy on the code…
Talking about the IRC, he setup one channel. The link is accessible on the bottom of the sidebar (on your right).