Consolidating the developpement

Hey Matt,
It’s great to see you are working on your Branch !!!

Anyway, I am wondering if we shouldn’t find some middle- or long-term solutions to help you to develop the software.

As @benb320 said, Pencil’s history showed that it’s not that easy to make the software live again. Same point of view on
I’m really excited by the fact you are starting to work on it, but maybe we have to be conscious of the potential problems and think about things that could help the project, starting by the fact that we probably need more than one person able to code on it.

What do you think of it ?
It could even be a wonderful project to present to the Google Summer of Code, but I really don’t know how it works…

Yes, indeed, more people, more fun!

More developers means I don’t have to do everything by myself :stuck_out_tongue:

And what i’m trying to do – simplified the code structure, make a small, solid core, with extendable interface. Clean code means it’s easier to contribute something useful.

As the pascal said, the main goal of v0.5 is “clean, and bug free.”

So let’s make the code clean, then it will be not that hard to fix bugs and add features. (with a lot of pain, like me…)

ps. Google summer of code is a good idea.