consistent crash on vector layer, specific conditions

  1. Switch to vector layer

  2. Choose pen tool §

  3. Draw a curve

  4. Choose smudge tool (A)

  5. Click the curve to display points

  6. Clear layer (L)

  7. Choose move tool (Q)

As soon as i press Q or click the move tool, the program crashes with:

ASSERT failure in QList<T>::operator[]: “index out of range”, file /usr/include/qt4/QtCore/qlist.h, line 477

Happens consistently on all 5 Pencil builds i have, including the morevna branch i didn’t build myself. I suppose this is an uncommon thing to do…only found it accidentally…but regardless it is a reproducible bug.

Linux, Debian Sid x86_64 | Qt 4.8.5

Same here, whatever I choose PEN or PENCIL tools.

Last build (26Jul)
Win7 Ultimate SP1

I did some tests and found out the following related to your title.

In step #7, if you tap the canvas before pressing Q (Move tool) everything will be fine.
I noticed that when we clear the layer (step #6) there is left a small dot at the centre of the canvas. And when tapping the canvas the point is deleted. Some times the point is not there, but will crash the same way if not tapping first.

yeah, i saw that too, which is why i specified step 5 before clearing…seems to be related to the points being visible at the time you clear the canvas. Or the points being visible at the time you clear the canvas AND then try to do something afterward.

man you are thorough

committed a fix! :]


Thank you!
Working well here :slight_smile: