CONFUSED: Exporting Image Sequence Issue


So I selected camera view when I exported my image. My drawings are ALL aligned and nothing is out of camera view. But when I export it, my drawings are all zoomed in… I don’t get it. Also, when I click export images… it only exports ONE image.


@sjluey Good evening Jon, for starters it would be nice if you could include in your report which Operative System you’re using (i.e Windows 7, MAC OSX Snow Leopard, etc) as well as the current version of Pencil that you’re using, you can find out by going to the menu HELP > ABOUT

Moving on to the troubleshooting:

  1. Did you check your camera resolution? remember you can change it by double clicking on the Camera Layer and adjusting both x and y values.

  2. Did you specifically chose the option FILE > EXPORT > IMAGE SEQUENCE ? or was it something else?

If you happen to be using an old version of Pencil and by some miracle of reason you’re also using MAC OS, please try out one of the latest nightly builds of Pencil, these are updated yet experimental versions that have several bugs fixed but are not stable enough to be fully supported for release.

Let us know what happens so we can investigate further.

p.s. In Newer versions you can’t animate the camera, also please save only using .PCL files since PCLX are having issues, thanks.

I’m using Window 7. My resolution for the camera is 640 x 360 and when I produced the image sequence (I solved the problem) its in the same dimensions. However, the images that are produced are always ZOOMED in for some reason.