Color Me Geeky- Ep 18 (Part 2) Geeky Beth Roundman VS. Glitch #20

Hello Pencil 2D Users. My name is ANDIAnimations27. I have been using the Software since Spring 2018 and I have been using it since. I even created 2 Original Animated Series called “Color Me Geeky” and “The 80s Detective”. I just would like to say thank you. I always wanted to be a Animated since I was 2 Years Old (Believe it or not). Your Software made it possible and made me start Animating Professionally. Thank you so much for creating this Software. I would like to advertise you further, I have already recommended you to so many new Animators and people out there. I will advertise all of you to make sure this Software gets better and better. I joined your Discord already and would like to join your other groups as well and share my work and share others work. Stay Animated Pencil 2D Group Always and know you made a friend for life.

Let me share my latest Episode of Color Me Geeky, Here’s the Episode Summary: The battle rages on, Geeky, Beth, Roundman VS. Glitch #20. A all new episode of Color Me Geeky is out now, Only on, ANDIAnimations27. Stay Animated Everyone.